How to Gain a Higher Vertical Jump

By Nate Woodward

The forty-inch vertical jump is an athletic move that draws attention and applause. You may have witnessed it in the form of a basketball dunk or volleyball spike. The vertical jump test is the ultimate standard of measurement of the force a body can produce in a given amount of time i.e. power. The high vertical jump demands an athlete to counteract the forces of gravity by propelling into the air using their entire body.

Olympic lifts and plyometrics offer the best bet for consistent long term development and athletic success but many athletes attempt to improve their vertical through gimmicks like strength shoes or other heavily marketed products on the Internet.

The vertical jump is a complex multi-joint movement that requires muscle coordination best improved by specific skill development. Traditional strength training, explosive types of weight training, plyometrics and Olympic lifting can be effective for increasing vertical jump. The form of training that is most effective is determined by the relative strengths and weaknesses of the athlete.

Front and back squats are essential to increase the partnership of "pulling" and "pushing" muscles, because it helps in developing more power. Olympic style lifts utilize the hips, knees, and ankles in a squatting and explosive extension action for the benefit of muscle coordination. The increased power can be increase endurance to aid in actions like running and jumping for an athlete.

Over the years, researchers have made countless studies of sports performance and have concluded that increasing an athlete's vertical jump is possible and the most effective way to do it is to use the methods explained previously. The experts ascertained that improved anaerobic power production was the key to a higher vertical jump and to do this, a strict regime of diet and the right exercises are needed. - 30824

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Understand How To Improve Vertical Jump

By Dana Goldberg

There are various reasons why we may want to improve vertical jump. It is a useful to be able to out jump other players and competitors in various sports such as athletics and basketball. To be a good athlete involves more than a fast pace.

How high do you think you can jump? Most of us would be amazed if we clear thirty or forty centimetres from a standing position. Even the world's top basket ball stars needed many years of training before they acquire the skills that they have today, very few people are born with the ability.

Fortunately it is not difficult to practice the techniques that are known to develop leg muscles and improve vertical leap. You do not need to hire the services of a professional gym and trainer.

First of all you are going to need to practice. To be good at any activity will take practice. If you quickly get bored of jumping up and down on the spot then you can try incorporating a skipping rope in to your training routine for more variation. A skipping rope is the only piece of equipment you will need to improve your vertical jump. Many top sportspeople will skip on a daily basis to enhance their overall fitness level.

At first it may take some time to get use to jumping over a skipping rope but it is not too difficult. Also it will help to develop your coordination.

In many sports it is important to out jump other players from a running position as well as from standing. You will need to practice sprinting and jumping. This exercise will also develop your balance and posture when in the air. A fun way to carry out this routine would be to hang objects from various heights from a ceiling and then practice running and grabbing the objects. - 30824

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Why Orthodontic Braces Are So Important If You Are Active In High Impact Sports

By Darren Haynes

What is an ankle brace exactly? A brace is also known as an "orthodontic" support. Braces are generally used to prevent injury as well as speed up the healing process and rehabilitation of ankle-based injuries. They are a lot more effective in injury prevention than using tape as tape can stretch and wear out over multiple uses.

Go to any sporting health store and you will probably find a huge variety of different brands of ankle braces available. There are many models of foot supports available and each caters to specific types of ankle injuries that you might encounter.

Most of the big brands will offer ankle braces that are durable, light-weight and comfortable. For sporting braces, the general design comes with two thin plastic plates on each side of your ankle that go as high up as your lower leg, to provide stability in side to side movement (this is the most common form of ankle injury). The plates are held together by an elastic material that encompasses your foot.

Braces such as the ASO lace up ankle brace are the best in the preventative injury market and are a relatively inexpensive solution to people who often suffer from sprains because of weak joints. Professionals in the athletics and sporting fields these days are utilizing these ankle braces, and so are people who require additional support in day to day activities.

As there are so many types of ankle braces available, how do you pick the one that's right for you? Here's a list of things to consider.

The right ankle cast will depend on what sort of injuries you've had in the past, and it might be a good idea to check with your orthodontist first as he or she will probably recommend the best protective solution for you. Remember that there different braces for different purposes, so there's no point in you getting one that does not fit your needs.


Comfort should be the next most important thing, as you won't want to be throwing the money away on something that feels awkward to wear. Go for a fitting as most stores will have a pair of demo ones available for you to put on. Remember to put your shoe on as well to make sure the sizing is correct.

It will take some getting used to when you first put on the ankle brace, and it might feel a bit unnatural to you. Give it some time. Once you get used to it, you will wonder why you never wore a brace before. Most users report that the brace offers them a huge amount of confidence as well as strength in their ankles. - 30824

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How To Increase Vertical Jump Height

By Ben J. Mihajlov

What can you expect by increasing your vertical jump ? The answer lies in the sport you play and if it's required to outperform other players. In basketball, your capabilities of strong vertical jumping is everything in relation to your jump shots, blocks, and rebounds. You can be an underdog if you cannot reach up and above competitors for rebounds because rebounds determine the success of a game. Defensive players must block out opponents when creating a solid position; point guards must have a straight vertical in order to get shots over taller players. The world of basketball depends on your vertical jumping; in this article, you're going to learn three tips to help increase vertical jumps today.

1. Plyometrics and Weight Lifting

You can increase vertical explosion with plyometric exercises. Plyometrics helps develop quick muscle fibers needed to improve vertical by training your muscles to explode quickly. Over time, plyometric training increases the amount of force you can produce and therefore plyometrics are effective in making you more explosive. This leads to improved sports performance, a higher vertical jump, and faster sprinting times.

The exercises require quick, strong reactions to weight lifts including dead lifts, pull-push, and overhead military presses for your shoulders. Box jumps involve jumping on top of a 2' square box with light weights on your ankles or dumbbells. When vertical jumping, it's important to keep your back straight and move forward with your quadriceps. Working on your jumps with other plyometric exercises is the perfect beginning to managing a vertical program.

2. Intervals, Sprints, and Agility Drills

Strong jumps require stability, flexibility, and frequency in monitoring the twitch fibers of your legs and core. The core muscles (upper abdominal, lower back, and lower abs) experience a crunch when you have to move into the air. If you've ever paid attention to great jumpers, their core muscles are quite tight. They are able to move in a flexible motion by increasing vertical reaction times to jumps.

Sprints and intervals are perfect supplements to increase vertical because they improve the reaction time of muscles. Your legs build a quick fiber muscle between the hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves that are pulled during jumps. Seems interesting? Strong jumpers are also fast runners because they integrate timed sprints (100 yards, suicides, and agility drills) that create a scheduled reaction to their reflexes.

3. Decrease Your Body Weight

Common sense tells us that excess weight can make it more challenging to jump higher. Besides putting extra stress on your ankles and knees, excess fat on your body will weigh you down. Simply by changing your diet, reducing sugars, and junk food will assist your body in losing the excess fat thus making you seem to "fly" ever higher. Good nutrition is vital for those desiring to improve vertical and jump higher. - 30824

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How To Jump Higher In Basketball For Free

By Benjamin J. Mihajlov

Learning how to jump higher benefits all athletes, especially those in basketball, volleyball, and track. Most people are not born with the jumping trait, but it is something you can definitely learn. Jumping higher can be beneficial on several different levels, all you have to do is practice consistently proper exercises.

The main goal is to build strength in your legs. When you've accomplished this feat, you will notice a huge increase in your leg strength and power. This means that your exercises and workouts should include strenuous strength training that works all the muscles in the lower part of your body.

There are many ways to go about doing it like running, jogging, and biking, but those aren't the only ways to work the body. We do suggest that you start by adding a few squats, lunges, and calf raises to your program. However, in the beginning stages you may want to do something in the comfort of your own home to get you started. Try sitting in a seated position and pop up with your legs. You will strengthen them like crazy the more you do it.

It is always easier to get some help when you are trying to learn how to jump higher. There are many programs out there that say they can help you to increase your vertical jump, but not all programs are created equal. There are some thing to look for in a good program that will help to ensure that you are getting the best training.

The first thing you need look for is a way to approach your jumping higher exercises. Even though you could get results doing one muscle at a time, you'll be better off taking a multi-faceted approach. In the end you will find yourself more agile.

You also need to make sure you seek the right material that explains the form. Yes, it will help increase your jumping abilities. Seriously, if you spend the time to simply fix your form, you'll be able to jump anywhere from 2 to 4 inches higher.

The approach should not skimp out on teaching you about proper diet. Diet can also play a role in how you perform during a jump. Adjustments to your diet can help you to greatly improve your jump.

The program you choose should also teach you about the right and wrong way to perform exercises. That is part of the reason why you decided to go with a training program, so ensure that technique is included in your training.

Proper technique includes an understanding of plyometrics. Plyometrics is basically jump training, so you can see why it is important to understand. A good program will ensure you understand proper plyometrics.

Then of course you have resistance training. This is where you will work the muscles at rates much higher then regular jump training. It will me slower reps that are geared towards holding positions instead of simply lifting as much weight as possible.

Lastly, you have to understand your muscles and how they work. This involves understanding flexibility and learning how to train them. This will help you to understand the best way to use your muscles and work your muscles to get a good vertical jump.

When it's all said and done, you can find yourself a well rounded program if you take the time to understand it all. Our goal is to help you gain more inches regarding your vertical leaping abilities. In order to do this you'll have to train hard and right. If you don't, you'll end up straining your muscles and causing an injury. - 30824

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Asic Running Shoes - Featuring the Cushioning System

By Christopher Eyres

Asic running shoe is footwear especially designed to support your foot. This shoe not just protects your foot from pounding but also optimizes an athletes gait in a specific way so that he or she can run faster and for a longer period without worrying about any injury. This running shoe is made up of upper, middle and outer-sole.

The outer-sole at the outer layer of the shoe is a sturdy slab rubber that provides traction all thru the gait cycle. The upper-sole is made from mesh, leather and manmade fabric and protects your foot. While the mid-sole rests above the outer-sole providing stability and better cushion.

Each run is outstanding for a sportsman and thus the Asic trainers are created for specific kind of runners. Whenever choosing a running shoe you've got to take under consideration the frequency of your performance level and training. A selected shoe should often fit your foot nicely. It must not even be so tight that your toes are pressed against the front portion of your shoe. If you're running a large amount then it could be an ideal concept to have a look for a particular shoe that can feature Cushioning System in the forefoot and heels from Gel.

You have to also be certain of your gait. Maximum support, cushioning and structured cushioning are the 3 main crucial classes which can completely describe a running shoe. These 3 classes can enhance your overall gait and provides well-organized walk. How your advance plays a great role in the capability of the Asic running shoe to enhance your experience of running. Advancing is ordinary and natural motion which helps you to calm the shock.

Few of the runners generally find their foot not rolling all of the way making the foot to work firmly to push-off suitably. This is named to be as supination or underpronation. On the other hand, a foot which rolls inward quiet regularly is being known as overpronation.

So, the runners who supinate or underpronate get relaxed with Asic running shoes that have perfect cushioning. In a similar fashion , runners who overpronate can do better with shoes that provide maximum support. those having neutral walk like going with the shoe that provides structural cushioning.

Asic jogging shoes take pleasure in catering all of the sportsmen of each level. In fact, these shoes are being established for over 50 years. Their main target is clear and it is to help sportsmen reach their goal and to provide this by producing many fresh products. this makes it quite simple for sportsmen to choose jogging shoes that may meet their necessities and achieve their goals

Asic has done a lot of research into the technicalities of the shoes and its common way of movement. As an example, Asic has discovered a substantial dissimilarity in the way of physical movement of both the female and male runners. They feel that girls runners have a different sort of ligament wounds and strains. The results of this kind of research has made them to provide effective info in the Asic trainers which offer wonderful fitness to all the kind of runners. - 30824

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Increase Your Vertical Jump with the Correct Footwear

By Ben Johnson

You would probaby have heard about the increase vertical jump shoes if you've registered with some vertical jump program. You might have heard about numerous brands from either your colleagues or via the internet. But beware : most people who are : most people who buy vertical leap shoes mostly end up in disappointment. Why? This isn't because the shoes don't work properly but because those who buy it simply do not know how to use them.

Therefore, before you shell out a lot of money on these vertical jump shoes, you should realize their full potential and how it can help make your game better.

Many people do not have any knowledge as to how the vertical jump shoes work. The opinion of experts in the matter of vertical jump shoes is that only exercise can make a jump higher and they opine that vertical jump shoes are nothing but dangerous additions to shoes that may cause a lot of injuries. Though this is indeed true to an extent, the injuries that are caused are not because of the shoes themselves, but because of the improper use of the shoes by the users.

Vertical jump shoes are nothing but platforms in your training shoes. The vertical jump shoes do not make your jump higher just like that. They are just catalysts and make sure that the calf muscles work to their limits. They raise the Achilles tendon in the leg. Thereby, with enough training, the calf muscles become strong and springy, thereby giving enough power in your legs to make your jump very high.

Vertical jump shoes are fun to train with. People who use the vertical jump shoes for jumping exercises had loads of fun because it was easier to jump with the vertical jump shoes on. However, when they are used for leg drills in which single legs are to be used, the weight of the shoes comes into effect and they become cumbersome. These shoes are designed only for vertical jumps and in case of exercises other than jumping, the shoes become more of a hindrance than help.

Proprioceptors: If the main reason why you buy vertical jumping shoes is for training exercises, then, after using it for a week, you'll definitely just put your shoes away under the bed. But one thing that would encourage you to play with it are the proprioceptor plugs.

The proprioceptor plugs are rubber plugs and help a lot in unstable environments. If you are into building up your calf muscles into strong and powerful ones, you must work in these environments which will help you to stabilize the joints and muscles in your body. The conditions that the calf muscles are suspended to in that environment can easily be recreated using the proprioceptor plugs which will force your muscles to work harder and give your vertical jump, better results.

However, the most important question is this: do they work? The vertical jump shoes do indeed work if you incorporate the proprioceptor plugs in them. The users who have used the vertical jump shoes are of the opinion that the vertical jump shoes work better than the Springboost B-Trains.

Training with these increase vertical leap shoes could not only help you with your hop training but also on other facets such as improving your ankle, knee, and hip stability. Working on these areas could also mean less probability of injuries in both training and your game. - 30824

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